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ma fête

Belle allows Jane to handle the guest list, and warns the kitchen that it will be serving many people, and makes sure that the living gardens are behaving themselves about maintaining paths for people to walk along, and she comes up with an enchantment to augment the castle's set of behavior so it can offer up appropriate music at appropriate times. She flies to Luc's village, and fetches him back, and tells him of the coming festivities, and assigns him to develop an introductory description of what enchanting is so that she can delegate tedious repeated introductory descriptions of it to him. Jane gives her advance notice of the nametag conventions, and she considers an enchanting solution but does not think it is best suited; she wishes the system into place instead.

She does like having wishes.
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Amariah eventually extracts herself from the deck of Jokers and returns to the main party to find Pattern.
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Pattern is over here with a stray Sherlock!
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Stray Sherlock gets a random hug, but Amariah's mostly here to talk to Pattern. "The Jokers want to help you enchant Saturn," she says. "Just to get a lot of enchanting done to get neat auras in a hurry. The rest of us Bells might want to get in on it too. Saturn's big."
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"That's a good idea," says Pattern. "Saturn's huge. Slipstick hasn't gotten back to me about an architect, though, I pentagoned enchanting and I think I still have to have some idea what it ought to look like."
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"If the point is to do a lot of enchanting," says Sherlock, "does it matter terribly much if you have to pull the whole thing down and start again after they fuck it up once?"
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"Disenchanting is much fiddlier than enchanting," says Pattern. "You basically have to be a better enchanter than whoever did the original enchantment. Which has obvious problems if you do your own. Some spells are pretty amenable to editing, or come with unraveling mechanisms, but I don't want the habitability of my colony to be readily unravelable - for all we know, enchanting could be contagious, like Matilda's magic - and editing can only do so much if there's something the matter with the core."
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"Aha," says Sherlock. "So find an architect."
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"Yeah, Slipstick said she was on it. I wonder if she's made any progress." Pattern looks around for her personnel officer.
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Talking to one of the Eos crowd!
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Over there Pattern goes!
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"Hi," says Slipstick. "I found an architect!"
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"Cool!" says Pattern. "What kinda architecture do you do? I need a framework according to which I can turn loose a pack of Jokers and a peal of Bells on Saturn and get something enchanted habitable."
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"I do magic architecture," says Sandy.
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"That is obviously the best kind," says Pattern. "I mean, do you have some kind of portfolio I could look at?"
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He squares up an illusion of Amalthea, in full detail.
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Pattern peers at it, and wishes up sharpened vision to get a closer look. "I like what you've done with the place," she decides. "What would you do with Saturn?"
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"I dunno yet," he says cheerfully. "I've never been there."
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"Okay. Well, I don't think mine is going to be any different from Stella's as they stand right now, so there's probably no need to arrange a field trip to Origin. Will you let me know when you have an idea?"
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"Great! Thank you - both," Pattern says, including Slipstick with a gesture of her head.
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"All in a day's work," says Slipstick.
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Sandy grins.